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Research into quality and innovation for specialized dermatology products.

PHARCOS was the first in Italy to promote the application of what have since become extensively used molecules, such as essential fatty acids omega-6, glycolic acid, beta-sitosterol, cogic acid and melatonin. The significant innovative capacity of its own formulations and the achievement of increasingly high qualitative standards in production have enabled PHARCOS to gain a strong foothold in Italy and beyond.

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Over twenty years of experience in herbs and technological innovation position SELERBE as a state-of-the-art company in phytotherapy tradition. The culture of herbs seamlessly combined with the culture of innovation, culminating in a complete and integrated product portfolio: from herbs to liquid and dry extracts, right up to finished product. A complete offer of products and extracts from plant, aromatic and medicinal drugs, guaranteeing high qualitative standards in virtue of constant research and innovation. Over the years Selerbe has expanded its portfolio to embrace supplements, cosmetics and medical devices.

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Since 2007 Biofta is synonymous with state-of-the-art R&D in innovative products for ophthalmology. Technologies and advanced research for the manufacture of ocular comfort products, health supplements specifically targeted according to ocular segment and ophthalmic cosmetics.