Since 2017, Biodue has embarked on a path of social commitment that has taken the form of numerous initiatives involving the donation of products to non-profit and non-profit organisations operating nationally and internationally. An activity with an important impact both from a social and environmental point of view, because it allows those who do not have the possibility to access certain therapies and at the same time reduces waste. In fact, products with slight aesthetic defects in their packaging but absolutely valid, which otherwise would have been destined for disposal, are given new life.

Over the years, we have forged relationships with organisations that play a fundamental role in supporting the neediest populations. A number of important projects have resulted from this collaboration. Here are just a few of them; they are documented in more detail in the News section of the site:

    • Lviv, Ukraine, to help and make more effective the medical services carried out by the parishes
    • Hospital de Pneumotisiologia “Raoul Follereau” in Guiné-Bissau, which treats especially the neediest people in the area
    • Saint Joseph Institute Orphanage in Madagascar, which takes in children who often have stories of extreme poverty, deep hardship and abandonment behind them
    • Hopital de Kiyela/Tshela in Congo, a country with very fragile humanitarian areas
    • Kilifi Orphanage in Kenya, which takes in the neediest children in the area


  • Misericordia of Barberino Tavarnelle

    The Misericordia of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, the first association with which we started the project in 2019, is a local organisation that works with social welfare facilities mainly in Italy. It donates some of our products, especially food supplements.

    It is a voluntary association open to anyone between the ages of 16 and 80 who would like to make a contribution.

    The values
    TO BE – motivation and training
    TO PLAN – discovering new needs
    TO DO – concrete actions

  • Centro Missionario Medicinali

    Another important association with which we started a fruitful collaboration in 2020 is the Centro Missionario Medicinali (CMM) of Florence, a structured reality that operates in most needy countries around the world through humanitarian missions.

    The decision to start this project with the CMM stems from the recognition of the important role that the non-profit organisation has played since its foundation in supporting the most fragile people, and has found a concrete follow-up in the projects that have been implemented together in the area in recent years.

    The Centro Missionario Medicinali (CMM) is a voluntary association founded in Florence in 1977 with the aim of collecting and sending free medicines and medical-surgical aids to health workers and missionaries working in hospitals and dispensaries in southern and eastern European countries. It also supports various charitable structures in Italy and particularly in the Florence area.

    The Centro Missionario Medicinali is inspired by the missionary action of the Catholic Church, which is aimed at all individuals without any discrimination. The Association operates according to the moral precept of Christian charity, providing loving help to anyone in need of care. Solidarity, respect for human life and the right to health are thus the basis on which the Medical Mission Centre has built its voluntary work.

  • Aviralia

    BioDiue has also started collaborating with the Italian Foundation for Antiviral Studies and Research, based in Rome and operating in South America for children’s facilities.

    The Aviralia Foundation is a socially useful non-profit organisation founded in February 2010 by the former Italian Association for Antiviral Studies and Research, with the aim of promoting and developing medical-scientific research (in Italy and internationally) in the field of human pathologies of viral origin.

    The Foundation’s activities support research in the medical field and are based on both the direct collection of funding and the promotion of activities that help develop an awareness of and preparation for virus-associated diseases.

  • La Racchetta – Civil Protection

    More recent but no less important is the collaboration with the voluntary association – La Racchetta della Protezione Civile – which is currently working on the Ukraine emergency.

    La Racchetta Marciola is the first section of this large association and operates at municipal (on Scandicci), provincial and regional levels.
    La Racchetta is a voluntary association active in forest fire-fighting, civil protection and public utility services.

    The Association lives and operates with the help of volunteer members and supporters, but above all thanks to the contribution of the Region of Tuscany and the municipalities that annually enter into an agreement for the intervention of La Racchetta in defence of their territory.

  • Arciconfraternita della Misericordia di Prato O.d.v.

    Another important association with which we collaborate on social responsibility initiatives is the Arciconfraternita della Misericordia di Prato. Founded in 1588, it is a voluntary organisation O.D.V. registered with the RUNTS Single National Register of the Third Sector since 07/11/2022.

    The members of Misericordia di Prato number about 25,000. Volunteers carry out activities in the following sectors: socio-medical transport, 118 emergency, in the usury prevention listening centre, in civil protection. Volunteers receive no remuneration for their activities. All offices in the governing bodies are also free of charge.

  • Prato Solidarity Emporium

    Since 2023, we have also collaborated with the Emporio della Solidarietà (Solidarity Emporium), a place of coordinated and free distribution of basic foodstuffs for needy families.

    In Prato it was established in 2008 as a solidarity and anti-waste project, with the main objective of setting up an emporium to which all citizens in disadvantaged social and economic conditions could turn for free basic foodstuffs.

    The Municipality, the Province and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Prato, immediately involved, became, together with Caritas Diocesana, the promoters of the project.