BioDue S.p.A. was established in 1986 by Sion Fulvio Benedetti who from the outset leveraged his far-sightedness and skill to forge the solid foundations of what has since become one of the most innovative and state-of-the-art companies on national territory.

The vision and ability to create innovative solutions right from the outset, for medical devices, dermocosmetic products and food supplements (solid and liquid), has enabled BioDue to achieve excellence in terms of industrial performance.

Evolution of BioDue Group Turnover in the past 10 years




BioDue milestones

  • 1986

    Sion Fulvio Benedetti establishes BioDue

  • 1991

    acquisition of the Pharcos brand

  • 2007

    creation of the Biofta brand

  • 2010

    incorporation of the Selerbe brand

  • 2011

    BioDue becomes a joint stock company (S.p.A.)

  • 2011

    foundation of LaBioTre S.r.l.

  • 2015

    listing and entry onto Borsa Italia AIM

  • 2016

    acquisition of new logistics facilities

  • 2020

    acquisition of Pharcomed Srl

  • 2021

    acquisition of IP Farma and River Pharma