• Pharcomed Srl

  • Two Bee

    Two Bee Srl, a Joint Venture with Isuf Berberi, reference shareholder of Fufarma SA, a major distributor of pharmaceutical products in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.
    The production site is located in Tirana, Albania and was specifically built for the manufacture of semi-solid drugs, capsules and tablets, in accordance with the highest qualitative standards.

  • Farcoderma

    Farcoderma azienda gruppo BioDueA BioDue SpA group company dedicated to the manufacture of food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and veterinary products, whose production plants are located in the Bergamo province. The advantages and objectives for BioDue deriving from this operation are: access to new pharmaceutical forms and a significant increase in current production capacity; both Farcoderma production facilities occupy a total of 1,500 sqm and 5,000 sqm respectively.
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