BioDue is a solid industrial and commercial reality, oriented towards research, development, production and marketing of cosmetics, medical devices and food supplements.

BioDue’s strength, which sets it apart in the industry, is its ability to vertically manage a large part of the production chain: from raw materials, to research and formula development, to the production and related marketing of products worldwide.

BioDue S.p.A. groups together and integrates a number of subsidiary or participated companies:

Biodue is the strategic partner and reference point for many national and international brands in the development of their products and their evolution.

The company is structured in two divisions with specific competencies:

  • Contract Manufacturing
    division totally dedicated to the production of liquid and solid food supplements, cosmetics, medical devices under third-party brands.
  • Brand Owner
    division dedicated to the production and marketing of dermatological and cosmetic, ophthalmic, phytotherapeutic and nutraceutical, gynaecological and orthopaedic products under proprietary brands:
    Pharcos, Biofta, Fitopreparatori Italiani, River Pharma, IP Farma

The BioDue Group at a glance:

  • Approximately 200 staff members
  • Approximately 26,000 sqm including 6 production plants, a logistics facility, laboratories and offices
  • Internal R&D/Pharmaceutical technique laboratory
  • Internal Quality Control Laboratory
  • Internal Microbiology Laboratory
  • 75.0 millions of Euro consolidated revenues (2022)

BioDue S.p.A. is an Italian subsidiary of The Riverside Company